Nigeria's rural communities comprises over 70% of the population of 140 Million. The country ranks 152 in the world poverty index (Human Development Reports,2003 UNDP. 2003) ,with rural poverty higher than urban poverty, and it is estimated that half of all rural women are living below the poverty line". Internet access is not available in rural Nigeria because it is expensive and there is high level of illiteracy therefore the target client do not make for a viable market thus its economic potentials for poverty reduction are neglected.

Fantsuam Foundation a rural base NGO with integrated programs in health, micro-finance, ICT and education to combat povertty and disadvantage. Zittnet was conceived as aa project of Fantsuam Foundation to make internet access available to as many people as possible wirelessly and efficiently across southern kaduna starting with its immediate community, kafanchan.
Zittnet objectives include alleviating the current state of information inequality that exists for many of southern Kadunas' medical facilities, educational institutions and other community development organisations. Considering the state of the economy of our communities other rural and our goal to fight poverty and information accessibility disadvantage. It is paramount that we provide this service at the most affordable cost, making enough to cover our expenses and create a model rural ISP that is replicable in other rural areas of the country.

The Zittnet wireless project now makes it possible for these institutions and organisations to have reliable access and equip the zittnet team tp provide an efficient and seamless service. The project is expected to enhance the sustainability of Fantsuam Foundation's rural network service through a wireless Internet system that will share the connectivity

Africa Rural Connect – Results: Read More For further enquiries, contact us at Fantsuam Foundation No.1 Fantsuam Close P O BOX 58 Bayan Loco, Kafanchan Kaduna State, Nigeria.Telephone: +2347030485364 | +2348073235844

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